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The Carolina Blondes are:
  Leigh Anne

We are MAJOR fans of The Amazing Race, and this Web site is part of our bid to be selected for The Race. We have different yet complimentary strengths and weaknesses that can only improve our chances of winning the race. We have traveled together domestically and internationally over the last 15 years, therefore we know what to expect from each other, and how best to build upon one another's strengths to succeed in The Amazing Race.

A few Amazing Race hopeful teams have chosen the Internet as the medium to help deliver their message to the show's producers.

Click here to see what The Carolina Blondes think about the competition.

 Internet Amazing Race Hopefuls Cartoon

We were originally brought together via our mutual love of cards and games. Casino (the Danish version) is one of our favorites. We are both super-competitive and we hate to lose. This is the one thing that could hurt our chances in The Amazing Race: We're so used to competing against each other. Though, you can expect to see us playing and winning in poker games against the other teams. This is one of our strategies for getting extra travel cash. We're blondes, and obviously too dumb to be able to play poker! LOL!   Leigh Anne, Dawn, and Stacey Playing Casino

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Halloween 2007 Costumes   One of the things that brings The Carolina Blondes together is their mutual appreciation for costumes. Dawn and Leigh Anne both sew and make their own costumes.

Here's our Tarantula Costumes of 2007. Quite labor intensive to make, but very fun to wear.

Click here to see more of our fun and fabulous costumes throughout the years.

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