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Austria Alps 2004 We traveled to Austria in 2004 with the Charlotte Outdoor Adventures Club (CHOA). It was our second trip to the Alps, and the views were spectacular.  Florida Keys 2003 We decided to head for a more tropical setting, and landed in the Florida Keys.
Hawaii Biking 2001 In 2001, we traveled to Hawaii for the second time, and tried some of the things we missed on the first trip like biking down the Haleakala Volcano on Maui. Switzerland 2002 Our first trip as part of the Charlotte Outdoor Adventures Club (CHOA) was to Switzerland. We had a blast on that trip, and vowed to visit the country again at some point in the future.
Venice 2004 During our trip to Austria, we had the opportunity to see Venice. One day was not nearly enough to see all there is to see in Venice. Everything was intriguing, from the gondolas to the architecture. We highly recommend the Tiramisu. It's To Die For!  Winter Park Tubing A trip to Winter Park, Colorado found us at the Fraser Tubing Hill. You should seriously consider using the bathroom before you take to the tubes.
Japan 1994 We went to Japan in 1994. Dawn did an exchange program in Tokyo during college, and thought Leigh Anne would enjoy the experience. East Caribbean Cruise 1995 In 1995 we took a cruise that was supposed to have a large young and single crowd. When we got there we discovered it was mostly geriatrics and families. We were pissed off, but still managed to make it a fun trip.

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