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  Angels 2007

The 2006 Light and Dark angels were fun: who doesn't like wings, right?

  Mermaids 2003

The 2003 Mermaid costume is my favorite. These costumes were incredibly labor-intensive. We were still adding the finishing touches just minutes before we left for the Halloween party of their debut. Making the skirt entailed sewing over 300 yards of elastic to give the fabric the shirred look.

  Santa's Helper's 2004

For the 2004 Halloween party we decided to go with a festive theme, and spread some Christmas cheer a little early. We passed out candy canes instead of regular Halloween treats -- but only to the bad little boys and girls.

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  Genie and Angel 2001

We made our 2001 Angel and Genie costumes for our first time at "Wes' Legendary Annual Halloween Party" in Charlotte, North Carolina. The party is always huge and crowded. It was difficult but fun trying to manuever with a 3 foot wing span. We had so much fun at that first party, we haven't missed one since.

  Swiss Misses 2002

Our 2002 Swiss Miss costumes were inspired by the trip we took to Switzerland earlier in the year. We had such an incredible time in the Swiss Alps that we decided to relive it via our costumes. The costumes weren't terribly difficult to make. The hardest part was finding just the right accessories.

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  Poodle Skirt Photo 2003

Every girl needs to have at least 1 poodle skirt in the closet.

  Murder Mystery Photo 2003

In 2003, we held a Western Murder Mystery party. Elvira (aka Leigh Anne) turned out to be the killer, and quite a good shot. She shot the sheriff one time, right between the eyes.


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