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So, who is this Leigh Anne person anyway?
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Astrological Sign: Aries

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rat

Passion: Travel, Games, Golf

Favorite Color: Red, of course!

I am currently working for a manufacturing plant in Charlotte, North Carolina as a purchasing manager. I have a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Louisiana Tech University. I started out working as an engineer, moved to purchasing, back to engineering, back to purchasing, etc. I enjoy doing different things- the more challenging the better. The two jobs use very different skills, but knowledge in one is very helpful in the other.

I live in Charlotte, North Carolina with my two teenagers, Jessica and Steven. We have various pets depending on what my daughter brings home that week. Right now we have fish, a frog, and three turtles. We have recently had a cat, a guinea pig, and a duck.

Iíve only lived in a few places (LA, TX, and NC), and spent most of the time in south Louisiana. I visited NC when I was a Girl Scout on an exchange program. When I got home, I told my mother that NC was where I was going to live one day. I finally made it here about 5 Ĺ years ago and havenít looked back. I loved growing up in LA with the culture, food, parades, and fun, but the climate here is great. I now know that there are really four seasons Ė before it was just hot and not too hot!!!

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I love to play golf, snow ski, rollerblade, and will try just about anything else. I recently tried a zip line and parasailing in Hawaii and loved it. I still have a lot more places to go and see.

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